Eywa Baby Carrier - FEATHERS
Eywa Baby Carrier - FEATHERS

Eywa Baby Carrier - FEATHERS

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The new Eywa Baby Carrier is fully adjustable, ergonomic carrier featuring a stunning new design and shape.

Suitable for:
  • Babies from 4.5kg to 20 kg
  • Ideal from 6 months to 2-3yrs
  • Suitable for all shapes and sizes of wearers, from petite to plus size

Product Features:

  • Can be adjusted in height and width, allowing the carrier to grow with your baby
  • Adjustable body panel from 7'' - 15'' (20cm - 38cm) wide
  • Wide, padded waistband helps evenly distribute baby’s weight
  • Extra leg padding prevents the carrier from digging into baby’s legs
  • Coordinating removable hood with poppers gives additional head support when sleeping, protection from the elements and privacy when breastfeeding
  • Made from 100% textured woven cotton textile
  • Thickness of the material 270gr.


  • Can be used for front and back carrying
  • Shoulder straps can be worn rucksack style or crossed at the back in an X position, giving a snug fit.


Correct positioning:
The width of the panel should be determined by the individual baby's comfort and leg span. The ergonomically correct position for a baby is to be positioned with the base of the carrier supporting them from knee to knee, with their knees slightly higher than their bottom in an "M" shaped position.

When choosing which seat width to use with your baby, choose the width that supports their legs in an "M" shaped position with their legs supported to the crease of the knee. If the edge of the panel rests on the baby's calves, rather than under the bend in their knees, then the width you have chosen is too wide. Always ensure proper placement of baby in the carrier including leg placement.

This product has been tested and certified by the babywearing standards and has a 1-year warranty.